Monday, January 18, 2010

What Do Teens Think Of Step Families?

Traditions do not always have to be something that your family lineage has done since the dawn of man. But families DO like to have some sort of base to their traditions because in a way, it makes them feel like they are carrying on their own sort of personal history.

So here I go: “Step Family Tradition.” Starting new traditions can be tough, but think about it, try combining that with meshing families. You have to find something that everyone can relate to, that everyone can enjoy, something that will build a tighter and more complete blend of two groups. Take my family for example, every year, we all go skiiing together. Both of the families (one step family) love this sport, and we all share the same car, condo, etc. so bonding time is essentially non-negotiable. Take Christmas for example, every year we go out and kill a pine tree to celebrate the birth of Jesus (if that’s your forté of course). It might sound silly to put it that way, but the more humorous you can make situations, the smoother they tend to go. All in all, traditions can be started anytime, anywhere, by anyone. Don’t be afraid to be your very own step-family trend-starter.

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