Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Step Parenting Step 1: The Do's and Dont's

"I would have definitely gotten divorced if I hadn't called the Step-Parenting Survival Company I felt alienated and alone. I didn't realize that there were simple solutions to my problems I didn't want anyone to know how bad it was. The best part was I could just pick up the phone and get help whenever I needed it"
CP South Carolina

"I got the Step-Parenting Survival Manual just in time. I thought I was the 'Wicked Stepmom of the East' I shuddered each time the kids were coming. My husband thought I hated kids so I couldn't talk to him. I learned exactly what to do and how to do it. It sure opened my eyes as well as my husbands. But the best part is being able to talk to someone who has been there. I hope all stepparents get the help I did."
PS Rhode Island

The Do's and Dont's
1. Do communicate effectively. Communication is the number one key element that can make or break a relationship. Communication is important in all relationships but an absolute must in step-relationships. Do discuss all incidents/problems that really bother you when you are calm and relaxed. Do remember your attitude counts just as much as what you say. So, do remember to be "upbeat" when discussing things that really bother you. Don't nit-pick at every little thing. Do choose your "battles" wisely. Do choose a setting that is conducive to talking. Always start out with positive remarks. Do state your "gripes" positively. Do present you concern in the form of a dilemma with a question rather than an accusation. Example: The step-kids seem to have messy rooms. So find some-thing that they do well and say: Johnny is so fast on the soccer field. How can we get him to move that fast to clean up his room?" In this manner no one is offended and your point is made.

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