Friday, November 6, 2009

Does It Really Take 7 Years To Work?

Reports about it taking seven years to blend a stepfamily are shockingly accurate. Stepmom Paula Bisacre writes in The Washington Times:

In our earlier years, stepparents with whom we spoke were in one of two camps. In the first camp were people just like us who were married for less than seven years and who wondered sometimes how they ever would get through stepfamily challenges successfully. The second camp was comprised of couples who had been happily remarried for more than 15 years with children that had all grown up and moved out. Campers from this second group calmly and knowingly said, “Just give it time. Be patient. And, keep your sense of humor.” There were a couple of days when more than a few of us in the first camp, including me, heard this and just wanted to roll up their tent and go home. Wasn’t there anyone in between?

For many stepfamilies, it’s a long road to feeling settled.

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